Dearly Beloved,

Warm Kingdom greetings in the exalted name of Jesus Christ.
    The ultimate desire of Jesus Christ is that His Body (all Christians) be united as one spiritual entity. John 17:23. This was accomplished when Jesus shed His blood on the cross and the temple veil was rent into two, giving both Jews and Gentiles access to the presence of God. Eph.2:13-16. The manifestation of this oneness in Christ through joint worship of the Father by all Christians worldwide on June 30, every year for one hour is designated as THE JESUS DREAM (TJD).
During the one hour we will all declare the wonders of God wherever we are. This was the very first activity which the early church observed as recorded in Acts 2:11.
    When we become united in the spirit; and physically, the world would know that truly God had sent Jesus to the earth John 17:23b, which was Jesus' prayer.
    As we in unity declare God's wonders- Act 2:11, Isa. 12:4-6 we become fitted together as a dwelling place for God's Spirit to inhabit Eph. 2:21-22. And at that hour we join the four living creatures, the twenty four elders and the angels in heaven in grand worship. Only in worship can we be perfectly united because we take focus away from ourselves to the Father. Our differences fade out into the Son’s likeness.
    Therefore as we do this, God comes to dwell in our midst, which has been God’s greatest desire to dwell with man Gen. 3:8, Ps 132:13-14, Eze. 37:26-28, Rev. 21:1-4.
Stand up and take your place in this spiritual house being built by Jesus. 1Peter 2:4-5.
It is my eternal duty to God, and to you, to make this worldwide call for joint worship in The Great Assembly of The Jesus Dream (TJD) on June 30, every year.
    Imagine the joy in Heaven when all of God’s children in their “different colors” approach God at the same hour in worship. That was why God gave instruction to Moses that Aaron must have the names of the 12 tribes of Israel inscribed on 12 stones with different colors attached on one breast piece as he approaches Him. Exo. 28:21-29. God wants to see His children even in their different colors.
    As you spread this good news may the Lord be your everlasting light. "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news" Isa. 52:7a.

Emmanuel Oje Ehimika


* For our healing, Jesus took the stripes Isa 55:3. For us to be rich, He became poor 2Cor. 8:9. But for our unity, He had to die John 11:51-52.
Why then do we pay less or no attention to that for which he paid the supreme price of death? Do we really care for what he cares for?

* As men invite us to COME and build with bricks Gen 11:4-5 so also Jesus invites us to COME as living stones I Peter 2:4-5 for Him to build the spiritual house where God dwells by His Spirit Eph. 2:21-22.
Whose invitation will you consider a priority; for we must be involved in both?

* Why have we appreciated the blood of Jesus for our redemption and protection and not for our unity, which was the first benefit Mark 15:38 from the blood shed Eph. 2:13-16.

* Why is the church of Jesus Christ the most divided institution (organism) in the world, even though her unity is one of the major reasons why Christ died.

* Why do most of our leaders encourage us to pray and work towards the unity of our denominations but not the unity of the body of Christ for which Christ died, rose up and gave the ascension gifts to certain people. Eph. 4 :11-13?

* Despite Saul's hatred for David, when he fell, David instructed that Saul's shortcomings should not be announced to the public- 2Samuel 1:19-20.
Why then do we help Satan to spread the news of our Christian leaders when they fall?

* Jesus went through a tabernacle that is not MAN made Heb. 9:11 and so builds His church Math 16:18 Himself without manmade stones.
Which do you prefer: laboring to build for the Lord or allowing the Lord to use you to build His church?

* Are most of our gatherings really in the name of Jesus Matt. 18:20 or the names of our denominations.


1. Christians participated in 196 nations of the world.

2. The event was one of the most advertised Christian events, in Nigeria.

3. A 48 year old lady who had fasted and prayed all along yet remained unmarried, got a proposal for marriage the next day after observing the TJD hour and she got married a few months after.

4. God sent women physically with the TJD message from Nigeria to Israel
and, several other countries including the uttermost parts of the world – Australia and the Fiji Islands thus awakening both Jews and Gentiles to come together in worship.

5. A minister after leading his members in TJD worship suddenly saw a
writing on a wall which read- ‘THE SURE MERCIES OF DAVID.’

A Call For Volunteers

We call for volunteers at all levels:
* Nations – Persons who will purpose to take their nations through series of co-ordinated activities to create awareness and organize Worship Centers in Cities within their Nation.
* Cities – Persons who will purpose to take their cities through co-ordinated activities to create awareness through every available medium, including systematic house-to-house visitations, distribution of advert materials and organized Worship Centers,
* Streets/Estates/Markets/Parks/Schools/Colleges/ Hospitals/Offices/Prisons

Persons who will purpose to totally take over their streets, workplace or one core activity center like a school, hospital or an estate, and systematically enclose everybody in that enclave thereby committing them to worship at the appointed hour in convenient groups or wherever they may be on that day.

I wish to invite all volunteers to reach us by e-mail and telephone; and share with us their targets, strategies and results. As you do so, you shall be abundantly


God wants to come to earth but man wants to go to Heaven.
• God came down to meet Adam and Eve in the garden. Gen. 3:8
• He came down to dwell in the tents of the Israelites in the wilderness. Exo. 25:8
• He came down to dwell with the Israelites in the temple built by Solomon. 2Chron. 5:7, 14
• When God left the temple He began to dwell in Christ while on earth. John 1:14, Col. 1:19.
• And today God dwells in the body of Christ through our unity since we are His body 1Cor. 12:27, the church. Eph. 2:21-22, 2Cor. 6:16
• And in time to come God will dwell in the midst of men when the new Jerusalem descends from Heaven. Rev. 21:1-4.

The Spirit of God has used me to show you from Genesis to Revelation God’s greatest desire which is to dwell with men. David knew so he said, “I will not enter into my house or go to my bed- I will not give sleep to my eyes, till I find a resting place for the Lord, a dwelling for the Almighty One of Jacob”. Ps. 132:3-5.
This was why God swore to establish his(David) seed on the throne forever.
The zeal for God’s dwelling consumed him and it also consumed Jesus. Mark 11:15-17.
Let the zeal for God’s dwelling through our unity on June 30 every year consume you likewise.


God dwells in the spiritual building Matt. 18:20 as we gather in our homes to worship. But as we gather in our local assemblies the spiritual building gets bigger. Then when all Christian assemblies worldwide gather during TJD event, Ps 35:18 the building rises to God’s satisfaction. Eph. 2:21. Who does not want an increase? Don’t limit God’s dwelling place on earth.


* Pray for a greater global awareness and active participation by
all people at the hour.
* Pray for God to stir up the hearts of noble people to support
TJD with their finances and material wealth; and for those in high places to use their
influence to facilitate TJD, like Joseph of Arimathea used his influence to secure
the body of Jesus for burial. Matt. 27: 57-58.
* Pray for God to raise people to translate TJD information into
other languages across the world.
* Pray for the hearts of men to burn for Jesus afresh and for Him
to be lifted up and enthroned in the church.